Mobile Pet Services – The Answer to Our Prayers!

I love my white Alsation, Max, but he sheds enough hair to insulate an entire house! Wherever he walks a white cloud of hair follows, everywhere. Dog grooming was a nightmare for me. Max weighs 70Kg and loves water. He thinks dog grooming is playtime and quickly this became impossible, so I turned to pet grooming services and sent him to a salon. What a disaster – he came back traumatized and acting strangely which he only snapped out of days later.

Fuming, I called the pet salon only to find that they tranquillize the animals before they groom them. I was appalled, how can you drug an animal without permission? That was the last time I used that pet service and frankly I go out of my way to warn other owners against it.

Mobile Pet Services were the answer to my prayers. Not only did I no longer have to load Max into my car and take him down to the pet salon with the residue of white hair coating every inch of the car, but they brought their mobile dog grooming service to me. Even better, the groomers used Max’s own towels so I didn’t have to worry about transmitted infections from other dogs. He enjoyed the experience immensely. The groomers were friendly, efficient and professional.

Max is my child and I want him to have the best experience possible because I love him dearly. The pet care services use the best bio degradable shampoos and pet care products on the market. They gave Max a Snout to Tail examination and gave me friendly advice on how to care for him.

De-matting his undercoat was the first step, boy did I laugh – now someone else could experience the snow storm of fur. Max loved the attention and he reveled with the groomers’ attitude to him. With his coat sorted they then quickly gave him a warm water soak, shampoo and cut followed by a good old dog shake and blow dry

A wonderful experience and Max is in loving hands every two weeks. He enjoys the experience and benefits from a well cared for coat. Water now runs off and his dog coat and dries faster insulating him effectively in winter and less fur has to be trimmed in summer.

To sum up their pet grooming services would be the word P.E.T:

P – Professionalism
E – Experience
T – Training

Always check or visit the pet services before letting your “child” into their care. Don’t make the same mistake I did. You pets are your children.