Dignified Pet Services, Dove Lewis Loss Support

If there is one experience which could be tied to a great deal of emotional devastation, it would be the loss of a pet. Our pets have grown close to us, and it would seem that life without them could not feel anymore incomplete. They are not just furry animals who we watch out for and take care of; they are also our best friends. Whenever we need emotional support, they are the ones that come crawling into our laps and look at us with such eyes of sympathy and longing.

So, it is only expected that such lovely creatures seem too beautiful and wonderful to ever pass away. These pets have been with us for a great portion of our lives. We have shared many moments of fun, enjoyment and laughter with them. It is because of those very moments we find it hard to accept their loss and grieve for it. In such times, special places such as Dove Lewis can provide much uplifting to our spirits.

In times of denial and shock, and when we just cannot face the truth, we need to find support. Many veterinarians understand the need for some grief support – which is precisely why there are groups out there to allow you to talk with other pet owners who have shared similar pain in their life.

Reminiscing about the past and sharing fun-filled stories of precious moments with your special friends can make for good emotional catharsis. It can provide a way to deal with our loss. We can also honor our pet’s memory with art, and nothing can pay homage better to those times of joy and sadness with them than through memorial art. These workshops allow us to ease the pain and reduce the stress & depression looming over our shoulders. Letting creativity out will make us feel alive once more and find a reason to enjoy life. We can carry the thoughts of our pet with us all the time without having to remain in a cloud of misery.

Dove Lewis is one special place we can turn to in moments of sadness, and they will be more than willing to give us the enlightenment we need. Our pets are our emotional treasures, and Dove Lewis will allow us to carry that thought with us with a new perspective on life. The help us to see that the loss of our favorite pets can still be honored in a positive manner.