Boost Your Income With a Pet Services Company – Start Making Money Today

For all the pet-lovers out there, we’ve found the perfect new business opportunity for you! With the current state of the economy, making money doing something you love sounds too good to be true, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider combining your passion for animals with a few new skills as you start a pet services company. There are a number of pet-related services you can offer to start making money.

Animal Care & Training

If you are a pet owner or have experience around animals, you should consider starting a pet services company aimed at making money through hands-on services. Pet sitting is attractive to clients who travel often, or those with energetic young pets that need to be checked on during the day. Dog walking is another option, and is a great way to include your children in the business. Those with a more specialized skill set can offer animal training courses, and pet grooming. These are great ideas for making money because people tend to think of their pets as members of their families, so they want the best care for their beloved animals.

Arts & Crafts

For the more artistically inclined, there are pet services that will allow you to focus your creativity into making money. Pet photography is growing in popularity, especially if the photographer can also edit and frame the pictures to create the perfect home accessories. You can also make pet toys, pillows, and bedding. Keep in mind that you will need to use rugged materials with natural pigments that aren’t prone to shredding. If you have strong construction skills, you can also build dog houses, bird houses, and pet play structures for indoor or outdoor use.

Traditional Business

A final option for making money with a pet services business is to get involved in the marketing and distribution of pet products. An online site that highlights pet solutions and can deliver pet food, toys, and other accessories with drop shipping services is always in high demand. By partnering with several manufacturers, you can provide customers with competitively priced items from the convenience of their own home computer.

Marketing is an important aspect to making money no matter what you are selling, and the pet service industry is no exception. Promoting your website at local pet stores and animal shelters is a good place to begin. You can also attend regional dog competition events, where you can reach a market of highly motivated animal-lovers. Your company will grow as you distribute pamphlets and advertise online, while news of your reliability and professionalism will spread via word of mouth.

Continue networking on a daily basis and establish yourself as an excellent provider of high-quality pet services. Spread the word through family and friends, and be sure to respond to customer feedback left in person or online. No matter what type of services you explore, your new adventure will have you making money in no time. Over 65% of families in the US have pets that need pampering, so don’t pass up this great opportunity for making money.